Amber Snow cattery is in South Carolina, for adoption visit our kitten page and adults available page.

This is the homesite of Amber Snow Cattery, Scottish folds.  I have been a Scottish fold breeder since my first year of medical school in 1994.  I am now a full time physician and show these lovely cats!  I pride myself on healthy, sweet kittens.  I am located in South Carolina and have Scottish fold kittens for sale at various times throughout the year in most all colors, short or longhair.

I show almost exclusively in the Cat Fancier's Association.  I'm a voting member of the CFA Breed Council for British Shorthairs and have been the CFA Breed Council Secretary for Scottish folds since 1/2009.  I'm also a member of the International Scottish Fold Association.


Find out more about the Scottish Fold breed from Animal Planet's "Cats 101" Video below!

Marilee Griswold, M. D.
Amber Snow Cattery


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