Amber Snow cattery is in South Carolina, for adoption visit our kitten page and adults available page.

This is the homesite of Amber Snow Cattery, Scottish folds.  I have been a Scottish fold breeder since my first year of medical school in 1994.  I pride myself on healthy, sweet kittens.  I am located in South Carolina and have Scottish fold kittens for sale at various times throughout the year in most all colors, short or longhair.

I show almost exclusively in the Cat Fancier's Association.  I'm a voting member of the CFA Breed Council for Scottish Folds and British Shorthairs and am also a member of the International Scottish Fold Association.


For more general information on this breed, check out the Cats 101 Scottish fold video below.


Cat Fanciers Association Allbreed Judge

I started my journey to become a cat show judge in 2012. I am a CFA  Approved Allbreed judge.   I feel each show is a brand new opportunity to evaluate and love cats. I give each and every cat in the show a fair evaluation and do the best I can to keep my judging unbiased and to treat every cat with respect. That being said, I'm sure I do not make everyone happy, but you can believe that I am doing my very best to make fair decisions.